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#1 AND #2 Overall!

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*Hand made in the USA.  Nobody builds em like us for the price.   

*TheGrowBucket and StealthBuckets (TM) are professionally engineered
by a University Of Minnesota degreed industrial technologist.   PAT. PEND.

Spacebucket Grow Bucket is an easy self contained system to grow all types of plants indoors within limited space.

With only a 12.5" diameter, you can fill a closet or any small space with multiple units.  Great for apartments, college dorms, garages, closets, and basements!

All controls are top mounted or plug-in, easily accessible, and compact.
There is nothing hanging off the sides, no spaghetti electrical wiring, no duct tape sticking critical parts together.
There are two easily split sections to serve the purpose of trimming and maintenance.

Purpose, fit, and finish surpasses all others with simplicity of design.
No need forside lighted sections with white reflective mediums inside.

* Standard model USES ONLY 45 WATTS!
Requires only a total of approx. 45 watts with standard 60 watt equivalent 8.5-9 watt LED bulbs generating an output of approximately 4000 lumens in wavelengths similar to HID lamps.  Stealth Bucket Eco uses 30 watts and strategically utilizes more hi-intensity reflective, Super Mega Stealth Bucket uses brute force higher power bulbs.
No crazy electric bills to worry about, no goofy expensive grow lights from outer space that burn out or lose lighting power  faster than your plant can mature.  Other models vary between just 30-75 watts.

Your GlowBucket or StealthBucket comes equipped with inexpensive interchangeable bulbs:
(3) LED bulbs favoring the blue spectrum for vegetative growth
AND (2) LED bulbs favoring the red spectrum for flowering
*OPTIONAL CONFIGURATIONS AVAILABLE for vegetative growth, or flowering depending what you are growing.
See or
Eco comes with 2 hi-power bulbs, Super Mega comes with 5 hi power bulbs.  Bulbs combined properly can provide all wavelengths needed for healthy plant growth while appearing as variations of white light.  Imagine that.  Natural looking light!

Standard white vinyl or hi intensity reflective sheeting require only the light source at the top to disperse photons throughout the unit. (The reflection angles with hi intensity reflective are nearly infinite and will create a brightness reflecting from any point to infinite points within all of the reflective surface creating a light boomerang effect that goes on everywhere inside until it reaches a non reflective surface, which is THE PLANT ITSELF.
DO NOT lookdirectly inside the GlowBucket system when lit!  It will be blinding light within when proper bulbs are used!  

Quiet fan provides heat and humidity control, with passive root aeration.  The fan draws through the overfill bleeder holes and the watering tube (rather than trying to pressurize the system), drafting cool air into the grow chamber and sucking  the heat out from the top (where hot air accumulates), while filtering the air into a removable and replaceable simple activated carbon filter to help reduce any plant odors. The filter can be removed for increased airflow or desired pleasant plant aroma.

Supress plant odors, removable, replaceable, washable, and inexpensive.  A full carbon filter accessory scrubbing system is under development.

* Velcro LATCHES
Simple latches keep the upper and lower halves of the unit aligned with ease. External guide washers assist in alignment and assembly to keep light leakage minimal.

The included timer can be set for any time period in 1/2 hr increments or continuous on or off and changed appropriately for flowering plants.

Allows easy watering directly to the base of the reservoir without disassembly or overfilling.

Water poured into the external filler spout goes directly to the bottom reservoir surrounding the plant grow pot to water the plant as needed without flooding the soil.   External bleeder holes prevent overfilling.

Internal plant grow bag is optimum size for controlled root ball, limiting plant size and is perforated to draw moisture from the reservoir into the soil as well as provide aeration to the roots.  Air pots are optional.

*ULTIMATE TOMATO STARTER if you live in a cold climate area!
Excellent for starting or growing tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, lettuce, beans, peas, small peppers, spices, herbs, fresh catnip for pet owners (as the design will keep kitties from destroying your plants), and much more.

Most variations are IN STOCK and ready to ship or can be built quickly.  Custom colors and custom builds also available. 
Email for additional mods.  We never stop tweaking design.
Shipped via USPS Parcel Select.

* ALL PARTS ARE REPLACEABLE, inexpensively priced, and can be ordered separately with minimal shipping costs by first class mail, priority mail, or UPS.

* QUANTITY PRICING is available to resale garden centers, smoke shops, and retailers.
GlowBuckets and StealthBuckets are a scientific novelty item sold as such.  
We cannot control the ultimate use of this product and are not liable for any use, misuse, or illegal use of this product in any state, country, or venue whatsoever due to ANY circumstances.  Any and all results related to or involving the use or misuse of GlowBuckets or StealthBuckets are expressly the responsibility of the end user. 

For any inquiries about the GlowBucket or StealthBucket please contact us at or
For updates, options and accessories, visit:​

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